VChained is recognised by NASSCOM & Govt. of India as leaders in innovation, won Microsoft Century Program & is backed by Tezos Blockchain🔥
VChained is the world's first no-to-low code solution to help supply chains set path towards net-zero emissions powered by Blockchain.
VChained makes supply chain management easier using blockchain technology by combining Technology, Global Trade & Blockchain, VChained aims to target the inefficiencies identified by the World Economic Forum in this $29 Billion USD industry.

VChained offers you 2 interconnected modules, click each one to know more about us:

End to end traceability of products or documents with just a scan of QR code, ensuring transparency within your organisation so that you can find out real time insights about your products.
With sustainability module, Using our 4 steps process to add VChained certified labels on your work places, events and products to showcase your carbon neutrality both online and offline.
Build brand loyalty by allowing your consumers to view the entire product lifecycle from grain to bottle, thread to shirt, chips to computers, raw materials to finished goods.
Showcase your carbon neutrality by generating and validating your sustainability reports and VChained certified eco-labels on your workplaces, events and products.
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