VChained WhitePaper

Our Achievements

VChained recognised by NASSCOM & Govt. of India as leaders in innovation for under the blockchain, sustainability and supply chain, won Microsoft Century Award & is backed by Tezos Blockchain🔥
Recognised by NASSCOM & Govt of India
VChained has been recognised by NASSCOM and Govt of India(Telangana) as one of the 62 best startups in India, the only blockchain based solution for supply chain. The recognition further reinforces VChained’s position as a leader in the supply chain and blockchain innovation space.
Backed by Tezos Blockchain
Received a Growth Grant from Tezos Blockchain, a wild card entry into the TZAPAC incubator
Winners of Microsoft Century Program
Won the Microsoft Century Program, hosted in partnership with Microsoft, Tech Mahindra, Skoda India and TZAPAC
AWS Startup Grant
$110K credits from AWS for our cause
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