The Real Problem

VChained aims to solve the biggest problem known to mankind
Our Planet is dying and supply chains are the culprit. Research shows that more than 60% of the world's carbon emissions is due to supply chains and there is an urgent need for all these companies to become net zero
NET ZERO basically means for every carbon molecule we put in the air, we remove one as well
Why is Net-Zero important for you?

NET-ZERO basically means that for every carbon molecule we put in the air, we remove one as well. Hence, making the emissions always net-zero

  • Net-Zero is not a good to have anymore, but a necessity
  • 198+ countries pledged to net zero & have imposed rules & taxes for supply chains making them submit CHG reports
  • It is getting compulsory for companies to show their CHG reports to be able to export/import in other countries
  • The government of UK has already declared ban on petrol and diesel vehicles

Is NET ZERO achievable?

As of now, NET ZERO is next to impossible as supply chains are still struggling with problems like Traceability and a lot of manual documentation, $3 Billion USD are annually spend by supply chain on paper alone!
According to Forbes report, $50 Trillion investment will be required globally to make the supply chains achieve net zero. With VChained, we are solving this problem and trying to reduce the cost, giving supply chains a cost effective platform to do everything at one place.
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