Analysis of the Current Solutions

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Market comparison from similar solutions
According to our research, here are the pain points faced by the competitors trying to solve this problem
No Transparency/Greenwashing
Strange how nobody thought of that, but without traceability exists no transparency in reporting the emissions, mostly this leads to wordplay and fake claims
Lack of Understanding
Due to lack of understanding from both side of the model, companies have no option but to go for a accounting firm already in collaboration with them
No Clarity for Standards to go for
Although many companies are working on the initiative but everyone has their own implementation, and even the clients are confused over which standard to follow scope based or fuel based
No Comparison
Due to a lot of confusion and no platform to compare the plans and the prices, the big players are getting monopoly into the market
Half cooked solutions
None of the sustainability solutions are inline with traceability, hence companies are reporting emissions on their own, it is later that the accouting firms are validating the claims which is always subject to corruption
No traceability of reports with Blockchain
With VChained, all the transactions are recorded permanently on Blockchain, ensuring that there is no document forging or manipulation making the process as transparent and smooth.
With VChained, we solve all the above mentioned problems hence the ultimate solution for net-zero