VChained: The Ultimate solution for net-zero

What makes VChained the best supply chain sustainability solution? How is VChained the only best solution out there?
VChained offers you a way to trace not only your products but also track your carbon footprints throughout the journey.
Following are the components of our sustainability model which make us different
Carbon Footprint Calculation & Validations
With VChained Carbon Calculator you can trace your carbon footprint on Blockchain and get the report validated from any of our partner accounting firms
Carbon Reduction Plan
Create a carbon reduction plan and set targets for the next year with the help of our partner carbon accounting firms, and get on the path of achieving net-zero
Offsetting & Carbon Credits
Once you successfully measure your brand-level emissions and adjust them for any PPAs, RECs, and/or GOs, you must purchase at least as many carbon credits as the total remaining emissions
VChained Certified Eco Labels
Showcase your carbon neutrality both online and offline with VChained certified labels on your workplaces, events and products