VChained Traceability: Explained

What is Traceability module? What are the problems it solves and how? Let's deep dive
Trace all your products throughout the journey, take control of what goes in your organisation
What is VChained Traceability?
A no-to-low code solution for supply chain management that offers you end to end traceability of products and carbon footprint with just a scan of QR code.
VChained ensures transparency within your supply chain so that you can find out real time insights about your products & emissions. Build brand loyalty by allowing your consumers to view the entire product lifecycle from grain to bottle, thread to shirt, chips to computers, raw materials to finished goods
With sustainability module, measure and offset your emissions to achieve net zero or become carbon neutral.
Use VChained in 2 modes:
VChained can be used by anyone without the need of any technical expertise, simply start using our dashboard, upload your excel sheet and start managing your vendors and inventory within minutes
Seamlessly create an automated flow with IOT devices or Integrate VChained with your existing solution like SAP, Azure or Oracle ERPs
API Integration
You can keep using your current tools like SAP, Azure or Oracle ERPs and seamlessly integrate VChained by just using our APIs, connect with us for integration
Build Your Own Backend (BYOB)
Want to build your own application?
Clone our open-source repository build on Next.js and customize as per your needs. The customized solution can still be connected to the VChained dashboard by just entering your backend URL.
VChained lets you easily manage everything with just a few clicks
  • Easy to use
  • No pain of migration
  • Can be connected with just APIs
  • Open source implementation
The following are the available features in this module
Nth Level Tracking
Trace the subparts of any product and check out the history of the product, do a full RCA & find out what went wrong and what can be done to avoid it
Participant Management
Leverage the power of blockchain to ensure trust between your participants. Invite more members in your supply chain on the fly.
Reports/ Insights
Export data as csv and generate reports easily using VChained you get full traceability of products. The data is immutable and maintained forever
Assign Sub-Parts or create new products using your sub parts
Add or remove sub parts to a parent product, you can also use partial products based on percentage, track the parent parts now
Inventory Management
With VChained you can manage your Inventory, checkout the incoming & outgoing claim requests, accept or reject as per convenience
Delivery Management
Manage your incoming and outgoing deliveries, accept or reject them easily with just a single click
Bulk Updates/Transfers
With VChained you can create a batch and then transfer all of them as one, the receipient will be able to unbatch the lot and use the products as well
Export products as NFTs
Once the final product is ready, launch it as an NFT with our built-in NFT marketplace* Your customers will still be able to see what you share with just a QR scan
Automate your flow with IOT
Use IOT devices to automate the whole process by connecting to our APIs
With VChained, you will never look for other solutions as you can do everything within.