Analysis of the Current Solutions

Competitors pain points
According to our research, here are the pain points faced by the competitors trying to solve this problem
Industry Specific
Companies like flexport, grainchain have been developing industry specific solutions
Painful Migration
Migration comes at a price, with a-lot of data losses and at a price of leaving the well known platforms
No plug and play solution
There exist no solution which allows users to direct integrate existing solutions with APIs
Sticking to private chain
Blockchain infrastructure cost is always a concern when you have millions of transactions coming in daily since blockchain is immutable data is always multiplying
High cost of operations
In the price to conduct a simple POC by competitors, customers will be able to run VChained for 10 years
Fixed Use Case & Rigid Data Structure
Currently all the solutions are fixed and you need to modify your working to fit with the product, the product does not fit with the use case
With VChained, we solve all the above mentioned problems hence building the Ultimate Supply Chain Management Solution.