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The Need

Traceability is the must have for supply chains as they are still facing problems like
Lack of visibility
Supply Chains today are mostly not digitalized. The Traditional & Manual paper-based tracking are still being used, disabling the ability to get complete transparency & visibility and to hence get any insights.
Physical Documents Based Systems
Even in the 21st Century, large players of the supply chains still rely on paper based records. And, as the products ship worldwide, the paper trail continues to grow. With paper comes inefficiencies and VChained can help you overcome them securely and efficiently via Blockchain
No Single Source Of Truth
In the current systems, the Data gathered within supply chain is stored in multiple distributed systems. This makes it impossible to get a cohesive insight into the entire supply chain.
Tamper-prone & unverifiable Data
Each Stakeholder and player within the eco-system can change and modify the data and make unverifiable claims.
Document forging & Double spends
Here are the most recent cases of the occurance of this problem