Traceability Features

Here's what you can do with VChained's Traceability
Track & Trace
Product Tracker for your vendors
Trace your products entire journey with just 2 clicks.
  • Know the status of your products
  • Get exact location of your products
  • Find out the bottle-neck of your supply chain
  • View the whole history of your product's journey
Digital Assets
Track your products as digital assets
VChained converts your products into digital assets. Track the whole product journey from raw material to end finished goods.
Each product will have a unique ID on blockchain which can be used for tracing it at any point of the lifecycle.
QR & Identity Management
Generate QR codes for allowing consumers transparency
Generate digital identities for your assets get distinct QR codes for all your products. Track the whole product journey from raw material to finished goods.
The consumers will have transparency over the data you choose to share with them, and trust the products that they buy by just scanning a QR code and viewing all the history and details of it's origin.
Transfer Documents & Invoices
Create and manage your transfer documents
Creating transfer documents is as simple as selecting the products and recipients.
Select the products you wish to transfer and the participants from the dropdown available on the dashboard and hit the button, the documents will be auto generated and saved on smart contracts, you can download them at any point. VChained will also ensure that there is never a double spend problem within your organization.
Role Based Access
Manage user roles with VChained
Maintain access and chose the level of access you wish to give to the users of your organisation
Admin Access
Admin access allows user to manage everything, from adding a new participants to removing them, creating new users and much more
Subscriber Access
Subscribers can perform write actions such as accept or reject deliveries, transfers and much more
Viewer Access
View only gives you a view access or read access over the dashboard and you will not be able to perform any write operations


A public url to our website for letting your customers see product journey
VTracker is the tracking page for your customers, which enables transparency for them such that they can see what really went behind the scenes. What are the actual ingredients of the product and what steps it went through.