VChained: The Ultimate Solution for Traceability

What makes VChained the best supply chain management solution? How is VChained different from the competitors?
Here are the top reasons why VChained is the best supply chain management solution out there
Ease of Use / Effortless Integration
VChained is a no-code and low-code solution which means that you can use the no-code solution, the dashboard or with minimal code, VChained APIs can be directly consumed.
You can also use our open source backend connector where you can customize the flows and add your own logic.
Convenient or No Migration
VChained does not force you to a full migration ever. Continue to use your existing ERP tools like SAP, Azure or Oracle, and still connect to VChained servers with just APIs. You will still be able to use all of the VChained features and track your assets on Blockchain
Automate Flows
Link your IOT devices & automate your flows in such a way that there is no need for manual entries, apps or internet as it can be triggered by a simple message or a phone call or a sensor
VChained encrypts your data and stores it on blockchain, ensuring total data security

How is VChained different from competitors

While the competitors are experimenting with Hyperledger like blockchain replicas, clients onboarded face issues like
  • Low TPS & less availability architecture
  • Risk of losing data
  • Easy tampering of data hosted on a private server
  • High infrastructure costs
  • Burden of certificates expiry and renewals
  • No upgrades or performance tweaks
On the other hand, VChained is free from all the issues because of
No Expensive Infrastructure Costs
Avoid the additional infrastructure cost of hosting your own blockchain. You can choose to either host your encrypted data over public nodes or to create your own network. The free trial let's you trace your products over Tezos Ghostnet network
Truly Decentralized: High Availability Architecture
Manage your data with the VChained HA architecture, the network are never managed by single entity hence truly decentralized.
Secure & Sustainable Data
With VChained, there is no risk of data loss or production failures
  • Avoid unnecessary infrastructure costs
  • More sustainable data with blockchain
  • Free from production failures
  • Reduced risk of data loss, corruption, and data tampering.