Why VChained Traceability

VChained works on the 3T’s principles across your supply chain to transform your brand value

The 3T Principal

End to End Traceability of products and the processes it undergoes leads to Transparency within your organization & your customers
Build Transparency within your organisation as well as with your customers to gain their Trust and loyalty for the future.
Trust leads towards brand value and loyalty hence your business growth and also brand value

Importance of 3T's for your Brand

Brand Growth
Brand Safety
Brand Loyalty
In Today's world, creating brand awareness plays a crucial part to drive growth and build consumer trust, loyalty, and engagement. Using these 3T's gives you a competitive advantage
Safety in Medicine & Supplements is not a choice anymore. Every consumer has a right to voice any unethical or fraudulent claims. Strict regimes and processes are required to preserve and grow brand reputation.
Transparency, Traceability & Trust automatically builds a sense of loyalty with your customers which makes sure they stick to your brand
Why Use Blockchain ?
Blockchain is a decentralised immutable digital ledger, every participant owns a copy of the same data.
VChained uses smart contracts to save your data on Blockchain. Every time an entry is updated, a new transaction is made, it is encrypted and added to a block. These blocks are again encrypted and linked together chronologically in a chain. A copy of this block is distributed to all the servers in this network and can be accessed just by a QR Code which the industries are already using on their assets for one thing or another.
In the case of supply chain, you can not only keep a track of the price and the raw materials but also various other parameters such as quality, invoices and carbon footprints. Whenever a QR is scanned, it is automatically sent to Blockchain and you can verify the information is true, valid and trustworthy. VChained helps you add a level of operational efficiency, avoids a lot of costs and with Blockchain offers an added level of security.
Can Databases do the same?
Digital databases may try to do the same but with VChained it is tamper proof and immutable via Blockchain.
You will never lose your data no matter what kind of production system failure your server runs into, reducing the risk of data loss, corruption, and data tampering.
With normal technologies, if you digitize a document, you can very easily copy and double spend may occur, hence the adoption rates are very low. With VChained, you have the proof that there was no tampering and there exists only one invoice per product.
Therefore, no need for an intermediary party and the additional costs or delays associated with it as the same data exists with all the participants creating a general level of trust with each other even if you don’t know them
Is document forging really a problem?